• 1st YEAR, 1st Semester
  • 1st YEAR, 2nd Semester
  • 2nd YEAR, 1st Semester
  • 2nd YEAR, 2nd Semester
1st YEAR, 1st Semester

Communication Theories and Face-to-Face Communication TechniquesProfessor Ruxandra CONSTANTINESCU STEFANELExam4
Leadership and Organisational CommunicationProfessor Mariana NICOLAEExam4
Politics and CommunicationAssociate Professor Antonia ENACHEExam4
The Language of Marketing and AdvertisingLecturer Elena NICOLAEExam4
Geopolitics and BusinessProfessor Claudia POPESCUExam4
Quantitative ResearchProfessor Monica ROMANExam4
Ethics and BusinessAssociate Professor Ștefan-Dominic GEORGESCUExam3
Qualitative ResearchAssociate Professor Mirela BARDIExam3


1st YEAR, 2nd Semester

Intercultural Business CommunicationLecturer Virginia Mihaela DUMITRESCUExam4
Human Resources Management in International BusinessAssociate Professor Irina IAMANDI Exam4
International TransactionsDr. Bogdan MUNTEANUExam4
Introduction to International Financial TransactionsAssociate Professor Roxana VOICU-DOROBANTUExam4
Negotiation Techniques and Conflict ManagementProfessor Ruxandra CONSTANTINESCU STEFANELExam4
Interpersonal CommunicationLecturer Raluca NICOLAETest3
Public Relations - language and practiceLecturer Raluca NICOLAE Exam4
Communication, Gender and BusinessAssociate Professor Roxana MARINESCUExam3

2nd YEAR, 1st Semester

Intra- and Inter-Organisational Written Business CommunicationAssociate Professor Maria ENACHEExam5
Effective Listening and InteractingLecturer Elena Ecaterina NICOLAEColloquy5
International CommunicationAssociate Professor Lucia GROSU-RĂDULESCUExam2
Marketing of the International FirmProfessor Luminita NICOLESCUExam5
Diplomacy. Diplomatic and Protocol CustomsLecturer Laura Benchea Exam5
Development of Creative ThinkingProfessor Mariana NICOLAEColloquy3
Critical Reading of Corporate DiscourseAssociate Professor Mirela BARDIExam3
Hystory of European EconomyAssociate Professor Andrei JOSANExam2

2nd YEAR, 2nd Semester

Development of Critical ThinkingAssociate Professor Dragoș BîguExam8
Research SeminarProfessor Laura MURESANTest7
InternshipLecturer Irina DAVIDColloquy15
Preparation for defense of dissertationProfessor Laura MURESAN-0